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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The main ingredients for a wiimote interactive whiteboard and where to find them

The main ingredients for creating an interactive wiimote whiteboard

A Bluetooth Dongle:
If your computer is not Bluetooth enabled, you need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle. We bought ours from for £5.99 (sterling).

A Nintendo Wii Remote:
The wiimote cost about €28 on ebay.

A Keychain Light with LED bulb:
Ours was 99c in Archway Stores, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Infrared Bulbs:
We bought 10 for £0.99 on ebay

Calibration Software
This was free from

Good Advice:
Free also from

We needed to make the Bluetooth connect with the wiimote. Once we had established that, we replaced the regular LED in the keychain light with an IR bulb to make an interactive pen. We then calibrated the screen using Johnny Chung Lee’s software and used our interactive pen in the normal manner. Each step here will be outlined in detail now.


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